NetzSinn Custom Fields Filter

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    System - NetzSinn Custom Fields Filter
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  • Compatibility
    Joomla 4, Joomla 5 (B/C Plugin)
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System Plugin to filter Joomla 4/5 Category Blog Articles by Custom Fields.
You can specify up to three custom fields that will be used to filter an existing category blog result. 
The Plugin takes effect on one or more URLs you define.

With this extension, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Simple to install.
  • Filter applies to URLs.
  • Define multiple filters.
  • Up to 3 Custom Fields can be defined per filter.
  • Each filter allows you to sort by one Custom Field.
  • Extends the Joomla Core Articles Model.
  • Yootheme Pro: works on articles with multiple items elements as well.


Install the Plugin in the Joomla Backend and configure it under System -> Plugins -> System - NetzSinn Custom Fields Filter.

Use Cases

The Plugin may be configured for different use cases:

Filter a Blog Category by Custom Field(s)

You define one or more relative paths on which the filter should take effect.

You may filter by up to 3 Custom Fields.

Order a Blog Category by a Custom Field

You define one or more relative paths on which the filter should take effect.

You can order by max. 1 Custom Field.

Advanced Use Cases

Total results and Numbers per Page

You may use the following markers somewhere on your page. They will be automatically replaced by their corresponding values.

  • Total Marker. Default [__TOTAL__]. You may replace it with your own syntax. . The total number of results found by the filtered articles will take its place.
  • Results per page Marker. Default [__RESULTS__]. You may replace it with your own syntax. It will be replaced by the results per page of the filtered articles.

Dynamic Page Title

The page title will be replaced by the pathname in uppercase words. - Examples:

/public-space = Public Space
/rferences/joomla = Referenes Joomla

You may use the following marker somewhere on your page. It will be automatically replaced by the page title.

  • Path Name Marker. Default [__PATHNAME__]. You may replace it with your own syntax.

Hint: This may be useful if you use a Yootheme Pro Template where the title needs to change according to the current URL.

  • Change the Page HTML Title. If this flag is set, the page title will be dynamically get replaced by the dynamically generated page title.

SQL Custom Field filtered by Query String

There are situations where you have a SQL Custom Field where you store the ID of another database table. With the following tweak, you may extend an existing blog category by using dynamic name-value pairs like this:

Example: /mycategoryblog?myparam=xxx or /mycategoryblog?myparam=yyy

xxx and yyy are titles in your database table. To make the Plugin search for the id dynamically, you may define a filter for the /mycategoryblog relative path, select the SQL Custom Field and add something like this ?<param>::<catid> in the value field. <param> is the name of the query parameter. <catid> is the category id of your tags database. An example would be: ?myparam::14

The configuration above would make an URL like this possible: /technology?tag=video-art

"10" would be the category ID for the technology tag database. The system would look through all article titles with this category ID  to look for the title "video-art" and return the respective Id. This ID is used to filter the results.

System Requirements

Joomla 5 (Joomla 4)


  • v1.4.6 First official release


GNU general public license


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