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    Joomla 4
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Address to Coordinates allows you to assign several location fields, like street, city, zip code, or country. When a form is submitted, it will concatenate (combine) these fields and send them to the Google API, which will return the latitude and longitude, which will also be stored in custom fields. 

Storing location data rather than querying on each visit will keep your number of calls down now that Google has put a cap on free use of the maps API.
Once you have the latitude or longitude, you can use it with Maps or any other geo plugin or custom application.

With this extension, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Installing and configuring it is a breeze.
  • Definition of one or more address sets possible.
  • The User just enters the address. After configuration, the Plugin will automatically fetch the Latitude and Longitude.
  • Geocoordinates are stored in Custom Fields for Latitude and Longitude as well as in a single Custom Field for Latitude,Longitude (needed for Yootheme Pro Maps).
  • Uses the Google Map JavaScript API for the most accurate geodata.


Install the Plugin in the Joomla Backend and configure it under System -> Plugins -> Content - NetzSinn Address2Coordinates.

Once installed, the Plugin can get latitude and longitude data on any form with Custom Fields with address data.


You may define multiple sets for different forms and/or Custom Field Groups with Address Custom Fields, Latitude / Longitude Fields and Settings:

Address Custom Fields:

  • Street Field
  • Zip Field
  • City Field
  • Country Field

NOTE: The address fields will get concatenated and sent this way to the Google API. Empty fields will be ignored. It is not necessary to provide all fields, i. e. just enable the City Field works as well.

Latitude / Longitude Custom Fields:

  • Field Latitude
    Stores the latitude value
  • Field Longitude
    Stores the longitude value
  • Field LatitudeLongitude
    Stores the latitude and longitude values, separated by comma. - This concatenated values will be used, i. e. by Yootheme PRO maps.

Latitude / Longitude Settings:

  • Skip fetching Latitude / Longitude Field
    You may provide an additional Custom Field where you can skip fetching the Latitude / Longitude for a single dataset. Accepted values are 1 (skip) and 0 (default). This is useful for cases, where Google returns wrong geodata and you must store your latitudes and longitudes manually.
  • Country Token (Advanced Feature)
    Yes or No. – If the country field just contains tokens you may aktivate the Country Token switch. Use the Country List to resolve the tokens.

* Mandatory fields.

Advanced Features

  • Debug
    Yes or No. – Show Debug info. If active, the address as well as geo coordinates from Google will be shown. No data will get saved.
  • Country List
    An optional JSON object with country tokens and names. This data is used if the Country Token switch is activated to resolve country tokens entered in the Country Field.
    Example Country JSON string.
    Copy/Paste a JSON string like this in the 'Country JSON String' textarea. 'If Use Country Tokens' is enabled, the tokens will be replaced by the country's name:
    {"token": "DE", "name": "Germany"},
    {"token": "AT", "name": "Switzerland"},
    {"token": "CH", "name": "Austria"},
    {"token": "NL", "name": "Netherlands"},
    {"token": "DK", "name": "Denmark"},
    {"token": "F", "name": "France"},
    {"token": "RU", "name": "Russia"},
    {"token": "PL", "name": "Poland"},
    {"token": "CZ", "name": "Czech"}

System Requirements

Joomla 4


  • v1.3.1 Joomla 5 compatibility
  • v1.2.0 First official release


GNU general public license


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